Wednesday, April 2, 2014

LAST DAY: April 2nd

Before you watch the video, I have some acknowledgements:

  • My mom for being my personal critic on my blog
  • My teacher for giving me this wonderful opportunity to do something like this
  • You guys- thanks to you the blog has gotten over 400 hits in a month! You rock!
Now here is the video:

What did you think? Was it good? Would you like me to do SOL again next year? Should I post regularly on this blog? Leave a comment or tweet me @SquidThePrinter with the below hashtag to tell me! Also check out the server websites, both old and new, below. And subscribe to my YT channel for funny videos! Bye guys! Its been a great run!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 19: April Fool's Day (April 1st)

As promised, a Top 5. In celebration of SOL being almost over for me, my Top 5 favorite blog posts.
(Not really Friday)
5.) The last Top 5 post. That post is solely good for two reasons: the information contained in it and the picture. That top 5 talked about what you need to be a famous YouTuber. Some reasons included editing and content. And lets not forget the picture:
4.) A plugin story. In this post I narrated an experience that I had with a broken plugin on Awesomeland Gaming. This post is not that funny, aside from references to the "Red Ring of Death" and the part where I tried to calm myself down. I had to say, I got hyped writing that part. Such a rush.
And lets not forget that in a moment of brilliance, I made a formatting error! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

3.) Short account of the BEST GAME EVER. After playing "BlockParty" on The Hive, I was so excited at how new and cool the concept of integrating your browser into Minecraft gameplay was, I put off editing every video I had to edit (some I'm still behind on editing) just so I could get that video out IMMEDIATELY. It took me 15 minutes to edit, and 45 to export. It took a long time to export into HD using Compressor from FCPX. This post is on the list because of the mood of the post. it was happy and full of energy that compelled you to try the game out for yourself. The post even had a working Twitter imbed, but for some reason that stopped working.

2.) The people I know, unraveled. My friends all have amazing stories, especially the stories about how I met them. In this blog post, I took a trip down memory lane and remembered how I started some of these friendships. Some were started with friendship, others started with brutal hate and rivalry. This post, while it was only my 2nd, was probably the longest and most thought out post, with help from friends with questions like "How did we meet again?" Read this post and you might start to question your own friendships.

1.) The Unknown. This blog post doesn't have a link. Yet. While you may not remember this post, I do. That's because this post isn't out yet. You got it: it is tomorrow's post. This post is special. This will be the first- and last- of its kind in this year's SOL. It is a type of Vlog. This will be a video tour of the Awesomeland Servers new Enjin website that talks about features such as forums and Rank buying. This video will also feature some important updates to Awesomeland. One thing is for sure: this blog post will be a surprise.
That pretty much sums up my favorite blogs in the SOL postings. I now these are my favorites, but what are your favorites? Tweet me the date or subject of your favorite blog post @SquidThePrinter with the below hashtag to tell me your favorite post! Also subscribe to my YT to see tomorrows video first and I guess there is no point in applying to the current server forums, as the new ones will be released tomorrow. But the link is down there anyway in case you want to check it oout 


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Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 18: March 31st

This was supposed to be the last day of blog posts.
But, as always, I do something wrong.
I missed a few days.
But I've planned the last ones.
Tomorrow will be another top 5 rank list. What about? The top 5 blog posts in this blog. Just an idea, they will be the top 5 blogs of my choosing. Whether they are the funniest or most informative, various different types of blogs WILL appear on that ranking.

The last day will be a vlog. Not any vlog. A special vlog. Remember how I said that the new server forums wouldn't be released until 0.0.7 AG beta comes out? I was planning on making a video tour of the website, talking about the forums, donation store, and just the site in general! Be sure to look out for the last post in 2 days!

Well, the time is almost up. The blogs are almost over. What was your favorite? Tweet me the name or subject of the blog @SquidThePrinter with the below hashtag. Also sign up for my OLD server forums, because those users will get an email when the server moves. Also subscribe to my YT channel, just because :P. 2 DAYS REMAINING!!!

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 17: March 30th

Time is wonderful. Just a little time can make a big difference. Today I am telling the story of how just a few hours of work really prospered.
So it started on Friday night. I came on LegitLand during it's reopening night and built a house. The next day, I was in a Skype call with some friends and they were wondering if they could live near me. I said yes, and then they began to build their houses. Not two hours later, 5 people lived in my "town". After a few more hours, we began to have buildings! A shop, an enchanting room, a brewery, a farm, a blacksmith, and a Nether Portal are just some of the things we got. Not to mention allies and friends. WE also have a donation station, where people can donate stuff to us. We had a few dilemmas, like I "accidentally" advertised my server and had admins help me fix it. So all-in-all, we grew from a one makeshift house to a server village!

Well, over the past few days I have had a lot of fun. I also did a lot, of course with a lot of help. Remember to subscribe to my channel and apply to my server! Also follow me on twitter @SquidThePrinter! The owner of LegitLand even retweeted me! ONLY 3 DAYS REMAINING!!!

Here is the tweet that @joshfries, the owner of LegitLand, retweeted:
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Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 16: March 28th

A tragic day for all...
A day when all hope is lost...
A day when over 9000 people were let down...
A day where I could not play on my favorite server...
The day... when LegitLand went down (DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!)
But that day is gone!
Its time to start anew!
At 8 PM EST today, LegitLand was brought back up publicly! The first 100 users who got on (I was one of them. Yay! :P) got a coupon code for $10 off ANYTHING in the Buycraft store. I used it to purchase 2 months VIP for free! This server is...
So the story, or as it is told, is a story of miscommunication. YourMCAdmin (YMCA for short) was hassling with his server hosting company, Aim2Game, to give him more storage space for LegitLand for cheap. After eventually getting a deal, the plan was put into motion. Aim2Game and all other server hosts doesn't have the hard drives on site. They rent them from another company, so pretty much you are paying one company to rent stuff for you from another company. That other company didn't communicate when they were going to update the hardware with Aim2Game or YMCA, so when they took out the Solid State drive to upgrade the server, POOF! Server gone. I, along with hundreds and thousands of others, about 9 thousand to be exact, were heartbroken and disappointed that the server was gone. All our builds... everyone's hard work... gone. Forever. It seemed like it would be over.

But have no fear! YMCA was there! He decided to recruit builders and admins and mods alike to reconstruct the server. Now, it is more amazing and legit than ever before! I was lucky enough to be on as one of the first 100 and get a coupon code for VIP. I was also lucky enough to talk to YMCA and congratulate him on the server. And as an added bonus: I decided to kick off a series on my channel that I have wanted to start for a while: LegitLand Survival. I figured now is a good time because the server has just restarted. I was one of the first to build a house and buy Protection Stones, which protect a certain amount of land, and now I am 10000 in debt. Thanks Obama!

For more info and updates on LegitLand, go to their website at and follow @joshfries and @SquidThePrinter on twitter! Also remember to apply to my server and sub to my YT, links below. 4 DAYS REMAINING!!!
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TEMP: (LegitLand IP)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 15th: March 27th

Well, with only 5 days left until the end of SOL, I am running out of ideas. i would firstly like to apologize for missing yesterday's post, I forgot :P. Now, on with the show. Time for a history lesson on the Creeper!
These are our favorite little spontaneous combusters. Creepers are common hostile mobs that use a suicide-style attack. They approach players and then explode, causing massive damage to players, entities, and blocks within a short radius. Creepers spawn in the overworld at night, and in locations with a light level of 7 or less, just like most other hostile mobs. However, unlike Zombies and Skeletons, Creepers will not catch fire in sunlight, and those spawned in darkness will continue to roam in daylight until they perform an attack, are killed, or despawn. Creepers are especially dangerous due to their near-silent approach, except for light footsteps and an occasional rustling noise. A Creeper will warn the player moments before it explodes with an infamous burning fuse noise. If the player can manage to move far enough within about one second of this noise, the explosion will be canceled, and the creeper will attempt to approach again. Creepers run from cats and ocelots, and will ignore the player to run away when a feline is too close. As cats can be acquired and controlled by the player, this provides an important avenue of defense from Creeper attacks. Creepers have become notorious and infamous among Minecraft players for their infuriating habit of sneaking up on the Player to inflict devastating damage following an all-too-short warning sound. They have become the most recognizable image from Minecraft, as well as the game's unofficial mascot. The creeper was added into Minecraft on accident, Notch actually meant to make it a pig. But, when he got the length and width measurements wrong, it "blew up in his face" and became a Creeper.

I hoped you learned a little about the Creeper and what makes it tick. As always, links to my YouTube and server forums are down below. Tweet me a little MC mob history lesson of your own @SquidThePrinter with the hashtag below. As always guys, I'll see you tommorrow. 5 DAYS REMAINING!!!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 14: March 25th

To run a Minecraft server, you probably want to have forums. I used to use Forumotion. Technically, I still do. The Forumotion site is up, but within the course of the next two server betas, it will switch over to Enjin.
I started using Forumotion for Awesomeland after i went on LegitLand's forums and saw a link at the bottom that said "Create Your Free Forums Here". I clicked it, and the Awesomeland Servers were born! Now, forumotion had a lot to offer, mainly forums. But after doing some research, a lot of famous servers use Enjin, for multiple reasons. Firstly, it has forums. Secondly, it offers the ability to buy in-game items with a simple Bukkit Plugin, or they can buy it straight from the website. That website would shove two hings I need on my server together: Forums and DonationCraft. Now, I can have those two in one smple easy place!

Now  some may be asking: where is the web address for these new forums? Well, the answer is it is not available to the public yet. I am still working out the bugs and setting it up in general, so it will not be up probably until the final beta server version, Alpha 1 a.k.a. 0.1.0 . But for updates on the creation of this new forums, follow me @SquidThePrinter and also subscribe to me and apply to learn about the server, both links below.


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